Welcome To Html Readme

Welcome to the HTML Basics unit!


In the next few lessons, we'll be introducing you to HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

HTML is a documentation-based technology. The word documentation probably inspires a mental image of someone carrying heaps of papers, folders, files. But what is a document in the digital realm?

We'll start our exploration of HTML by thinking about files and learning the vocabulary technologists use to discuss them in the process of creating HTML documents. This will assist your searches for help and your ability to interact with professionals on the topic.

We'll then proceed to a collaborative lab where you'll be guided in editing a simple HTML document. The point here is not to memorize the full detail of HTML's vocabulary, but to experience the joy and excitement of being able to adjust and customize HTML.

After that, we'll learn a core set of HTML features that will enable you to create simple HTML documents with less-explicit guidance. Around this time, you'll then begin tying these discoveries together and will start creating your first HTML documents.

Repetition & Getting Stuck

In the lessons ahead, many of the ideas are deliberately repeated. You might not get "attributes" the first time you see them, but, after some hands-on experience, they'll makes sense the second time you see them.


At the close of the unit, you'll be ready to learn a series of HTML expressions that will allow you to create a meaningful web page.

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