Styling With Css Intro

We've learned a bit about HTML. While HTML does a great job of putting words and pictures on the page, CSS exists to make your content look good.

Make This Look Good

Let's take a look at a rather simple example of what CSS does. Go ahead and flip between the HTML and CSS tabs of the CodePen below. You'll see the HTML section has just a simple header: <h1>This Is My Header</h1>. The text turns up red though. How is that possible? The magic of CSS is how. Click on the CSS tab. You'll notice we set the color to red with this line: color: red. If you change the red to green what happens? It turns green! BOOM You just wrote your first CSS. Congrats!

In the CSS, color is what we refer to as a property. The color property defines what the text color of all h1 HTML elements should be. If we change the value of color to blue, any h1 element on the page will turn blue.

Note: Normally, every CSS property we define needs to end with a semi-colon (;). The one exception is when there is only a single property defined as is the case here. It is good practice to go ahead and add a semi-colon, though:

h1 {
  color: red;

Now that you understand the basics of CSS, continue on to the next lesson and get a deeper understanding of CSS.

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