Sinatra Mvc Lab

In this lab, you'll be building a Pig Latinizer using Sinatra and the MVC paradigm of app development. Pig Latin is a made-up language formed from English by transferring the initial consonant or consonant blend (for example, "ch" or "str") of each word to the end of the word along with the syllable "-ay". If the word begins with a vowel sound, then we add the sound of "way" to the end of the word.


"noodle soup" becomes "oodlenay oupsay" "flatiron school" becomes "atironflay oolschay" "big apple" becomes "igbay appleway" (note the added "w" in "appleway")

Your app will take in a string from a user through a form, convert it to pig latin, and return the string to the user. Using the previous code-along as a guide, get the tests to pass by building out this application. Use the guide below to get you started!


  1. Build a form to take user input in user_input.erb. Show that form using a GET request at /.

  2. Create a POST method in your controller (app.rb) to receive your form's params.

  3. Build a PigLatinizer model (in your models directory) that converts a string into pig latin.

  4. In your application controller, create an instance of the PigLatinizer class to convert your user input to Pig Latin.

  5. Use ERB within a new view to display the final pig latin string to the user.

Pig Latin on wikipedia

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