Sinatra Dynamic Routes Lab


This lab will serve to reinforce your understanding of routes in a Sinatra application. Complete the following tasks in your application controller and get all of the learn tests to pass.

Spacing in URLs

In some of the tests you might notice %20 between words in a URL. URLs are not allowed to have spaces in them. Something like this school would never work as a website name. The % sign in a URL is called URL encoding. Basically, it replaces unsafe characters for a URL with appropriate ASCII characters.

You can take a look at this list for a reference on unsafe url characters, and how to use url encoding to correct them.


  1. Create a dynamic route at get '/reversename/:name' that accepts a name and renders the name backwards.

  2. Create a dynamic route at get '/square/:number' that accepts a number and returns the square of that number. Note: Remember that values in params always come in as strings, and your return value for the route should also be a string (use .to_i and .to_s).

  3. Create a dynamic route at get '/say/:number/:phrase' that accepts a number and a phrase and returns that phrase in a single string the number of times given.

  4. Create a dynamic route at get '/say/:word1/:word2/:word3/:word4/:word5' that accepts five words and returns a string containing all five words (i.e. word1 word2 word3 word4 word5).

  5. Create a dynamic route at get '/:operation/:number1/:number2' that accepts an operation (add, subtract, multiply or divide) and performs the operation on the two numbers provided, returning a String. For example, going to /add/1/2 should render 3 as a String.

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