Say Hello Ruby


  1. Build a method that can be called with an optional argument by defining that method with a default argument.


You will build a method called say_hello. This method should accept the argument of a person's name. It then should print "Hello " with the name followed by an exclamation point (don't forget that space after the "Hello"). For instance:

# I call on the method, say_hello, and give it the string "Gabriela" 

# The method prints this text to the screen:
Hello Gabriela!

There is one more thing this method should do: if you call on this method and forget to give it the name of a person, it should just say, "Hello Ruby Programmer!". Use a default argument to accomplish this!


  1. Run learn test to see where you stand.
    • You probably got two NoMethodErrors. This means the test was looking for a method called say_hello but couldn't find it.
  2. Define the method in say_hello.rb
    • Run learn test again. Are you getting a different error? If you haven't seen this error, guess what it's trying to tell you then Google it with the word "ruby".
  3. Get all the tests to pass!
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