React This Props Children Lab


In this lab, you'll use this.props.children to build reusable components and use React.Children utilities.

The party planner

Organizing a party

Let's throw a party! The first thing we'll need is an invitation we can send to people with a customized message.

  1. In the components/Invitation.js file, create an Invitation React component.
  2. This component renders out an h1 with the text 'You've been invited!'
  3. After this h1, render out any children that are passed into the Invitation component. This allows us to customize the message.

A good party also has a theme and decorations that match. Let's create a component that takes its children and adds an additional prop to them. This way we can pass in the theme to our decorations by wrapping them in this component.

  1. In the components/ThemedDecorations.js file, create a ThemedDecorations React component.
  2. This component renders out all of its children, while adding a className prop to every child.


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