React Redux Project Planning


The final project is where you get to demonstrate all that you have learned throughout your time as a student at Flatiron!

Use this document to help you complete this planning form

Note: Keep in mind that the Ask a Question is not permitted to help while you are building your projects. Use the internet and the resources provided in this document if you get stuck!

How to Get Started On a Successful Project Build

  1. Read through the project requirements here carefully before getting started.

  2. Come up with a project idea of your own, and devote some time to a planning session. Think about the following:

a. What will your app do? What is the user experience? b. What data will you store in your database? c. What data will you keep track of in your redux store? Will you need local state in any of your components, too?

Use this form to jot down your plans and submit it to us so we can see what you are planning!

We are here to help! Each week, there are Open Office Hour study groups specifically designed to help with React/Redux project questions. Keep an eye out for our React/Redux topic-based study groups, too!

Making a User story

  • Who is your User?
  • What is their pain point?
  • How do they use our solution to overcome this problem?

Example: Sally is trying to get into hiking and wants to keep track of her favorite trails. Sally wants a place to write notes about each trail and her experiences:

  • Sally is able to enter trail information and notes through a form
  • She can navigate to an index page to see all her previous hikes
  • Sally can see more detailed information about a specific hike by clicking on it

Documentation and Source Code

React Docs Redux Docs React Source Code Redux Source Code React-Redux Source Code

Handy Tools and Resources

Functional Components vs. Class Components ReactJS: TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined Rails API with React Frontend

Debugging Tools

React Dev Tools Extension Redux Dev Tools Extension Debugger console.log()

Demo projects

Expense Tracker Backend Expense Tracker Frontend


Expense Tracker (Pt 1- 10)

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