React Event System Lab


In this lab you'll respond to events in React and write event handlers.

Note: The components are not defined yet, but the files are present. Before the tests will run, you must export components from EyesOnMe.js and Keypad.js. To get started, write very basic components that you know will not pass all the tests, but at least be valid React.



Mr. Burns has requested us to build a new keypad component for the nuclear plant, since the last one was way too complicated for his employees to use. We'll keep things super simple instead, and use an <input type="password" /> field to capture input. Here's how to complete the exercise:

  1. In the components/Keypad.js file, create a Keypad React component.
  2. In that component, render an input with the right type.
  3. On that input, add an event handler that listens for the keyUp event.
  4. When that event fires, use console.log to print out the text 'Entering password...'.

Eyes on the ball

Let's say you're in the club with your buddy. The music's blaring, lights are flashing... It's so hard to get his attention! Your job is to create a component that registers whenever he focuses on you, and when his eyes are drifting off.

  1. In the components/EyesOnMe.js file, create a EyesOnMe React component.
  2. In that component, render a button.
  3. On that button, add event handlers that listens for the focus and blur events.
  4. When the focus event fires, use console.log to print out the text 'Good!'.
  5. When the blur event fires, use console.log to print out the text 'Hey! Eyes on me!'.


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