Rails Restful Index Action Lab


  1. Draw a get route
  2. Map a route to a controller action
  3. Define a controller action
  4. Load instances from ActiveRecord into a controller instance variable
  5. Render a template
  6. Use an instance variable from a controller action in a template
  7. Iterate over an ActiveRecord collection in ERB
  8. Build a classical index action/view

RESTful Routes

In this lab you will walk through how to build each element required to render a list of students out in the browser. The RSpec/Capybara tests for this lab can be found in spec/features. Both tests should be passing to complete the lab.


  • Run bundle install from your terminal

  • Create a controller for students and have it inherit from ApplicationController

  • Create a route for the path /students that maps to a StudentsController index action.

  • Add a controller action to the StudentsController named index

  • Have the new index action pull in a list of all of the students with Student.all and store it in an instance variable

  • Create an index.html.erb view file and render it from your Students#index action. The index.html.erb file should be placed within a views/students folder.

  • In your view, iterate over the list of students returned from the index action in the controller and display the appropriate information.


  • If you run into an ActiveRecord::PendingMigration error when you run the tests, try rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test in the terminal then run the tests again

Rails Routing from the Outside In

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