Js Functions Lab


  1. Write a function that returns a value
  2. Write a function that takes in a parameter
  3. Write a function that takes in multiple parameters


You'll be writing your solution in index.js.

In this lab, we're going to develop our communication skills in JavaScript. We're feeling festive, so we're going to be wrapping up common holiday greetings as functions so that we don't have to repeat ourselves. The beauty of functions is that we could reuse these functions for the text of greeting cards, for spoken greetings, for song lyrics, etc.

Note: We are wrapping our strings in back ticks, `, not single quotes, ', in order to format variables inside our strings. These are called template literals,

  1. Write a function named happyHolidays. This function should not accept any parameters and should return the string "Happy holidays!".

  2. Write a function named happyHolidaysTo. This function should accept a parameter of the name of the person you want to wish happy holidays, and return the string `Happy holidays, ${name}!`

  3. Write a function named happyHolidayTo. This function should accept two parameters, the holiday you want to wish them well for, and the name of the person you're wishing well. This function should return the string `Happy ${holiday}, ${name}!`

  4. Write a function named holidayCountdown. This function should accept two parameters, the holiday name and number of days till that holiday. The function should return the string `It's ${days} days until ${holiday}!`

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