Js Beatles Loops Lab


  • Build a for loop
  • Build a while loop
  • Build a do-while loop


Make sure you run the tests with learn.

  1. Create a function theBeatlesPlay, which accepts two parameters--an array of musicians and an array of instruments.
* Create a variable with an empty array.
* Use a `for loop`, which iterates over the array of musicians. Be careful
  about what value you set your `counter` variable to store. (Hint: Think
  about what the first index of an array is). 
* The first time through the loop, it should create a string using the _first_
  index of the musicians array **and** the first index of the instruments
  array: `"John Lennon plays guitar"`. 
* Add this string to the empty array you created. The loop should make the
  same sentence for every member of the musicians array. 
* The function should return the array of new strings containing what
  instruments each musician plays.
  1. Create a function johnLennonFacts.
* This function will accept one argument, an array of facts about John
  Lennon (note that it might not be exactly the following facts):

const facts = [
  "He was the last Beatle to learn to drive",
  "He was never a vegetarian",
  "He was a choir boy and boy scout",
  "He hated the sound of his own voice"

* Use a while loop to loop over the facts array and add `"!!!"` to the end of
every fact.

* Return an array of strings with exclamation points.
  1. Create a function iLoveTheBeatles which accepts a number as a parameter.
* The function should create a variable that stores an empty array. 
* Implement a do-while loop inside the function that adds `"I love the
  Beatles!"` to the empty array. 
* The loop should then increment the number passed in as a parameter. The
  condition of the loop should check to see that the parameter number is
  less than `15`. It should contain a number of strings that represents the
  difference between the input number and `15`.
* Return the array with the strings `"I love the Beatles!"`.
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