Javascript Fundamentals Overview

Congratulations! You finished all of the HTML/CSS material. You are well on your way to becoming a software developer. Next, we are going to dive into JavaScript. JavaScript is the most popular language of the web. Our goal is to give you an understanding of both JavaScript in the browser, and JavaScript as a back-end language using Node.JS. Before we dive in, let's go over what you are going to learn. After completing all (or even part) of this material you'll be ready to start applying to Bootcamps.

You'll write and run JavaScript code, and learn how to use JavaScript to manipulate the DOM. Reinforce what you’ve learned by building a web based game. Below is a general overview of what you'll learn in the following JavaScript units.

JavaScript Basics

  • Write and execute JavaScript code in your browser console
  • Explain and use comments in JavaScript code
  • Distinguish and use different data types in JavaScript
  • Use different logging methods

Functions and Scope

  • Declare variables and distinguish between local and global variables
  • Create functions with single, multiple, and no arguments
  • Return values from functions
  • Use conditional statements and comparison operators to control the flow of a program
  • Explain variable and function hoisting

Data Structures and Looping

  • Create, use, and manipulate arrays and objects
  • Use looping to iterate over data structures
  • Write functions that take callbacks
  • Use the forEach() method instead of a for loop
  • Access elements in nested data structures


  • Explain what the DOM is and use JavaScript to manipulate it
  • Create, remove, and insert DOM elements
  • Add and trigger event listeners on DOM nodes and intercept user interactions


  • Modify HTML With jQuery
  • Use the document.ready() function to separate code
  • Use DOM selectors to select HTML elements
  • Attach jQuery event listeners and handlers to trigger DOM events and actions
  • Update an element’s position on a web page
  • Move an element’s position on a web page in response to a browser action

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