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Deploy on Day One - Advanced

So you've built a working interviewing tool. Let's take it a big step further.


Connect your project to our actual get2knowurnewbesties database.

  • After linking up to our server, you will want to log what you get back in order to see the format of the dictionaries.
  • Create methods that reformat them into something more useful for your current program.
  • Consider other updates to your command-line code to make the best use of the API methods provided to you.


Also, you will need to instantiate a copy of our FirebaseAPI class in your MyApp.m. Consider adding it as a property, and then instantiating it right at the top of your execute method, i.e.

#import "MyApp.h"
#import "FirebaseAPI.h"

@interface MyApp()

@property (strong, nonatomic, readwrite) NSString *currentUser;
@property (strong, nonatomic) FirebaseAPI *firebaseAPI;


-(void)execute {

    self.firebaseAPI = [[FirebaseAPI alloc] init];



You can then call the FirebaseAPI methods to get access to data on our servers. You do NOT need to understand how they work right now, but it should be somewhat self-explanatory as to what the methods do based on their names in the FirebaseAPI.h. You should only be calling the methods listed in FirebaseAPI.h.

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