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Take the quiz below to make sure you're familiar with the crucial git commands and workflows to interact with GitHub and Learn.

Quiz - Enough Git for Learn

What's the git command that downloads your repository from GitHub to your computer?

git push
git fork
git clone
git commit

How do you create a copy of a lab under your own GitHub account so that you can solve the lab?

Forking it via the GitHub interface.
git fork
git clone
git pull-request

What's the opposite of git clone, instead of downloading your code from GitHub, uploads your changes and code back to GitHub?

git push
git add
git upload
git status

How do you check the state of your local git repository since your last commit?

git check
git status
git commit
git diff

How do you stage files for a commit?

git stage
git commit
git add
git reset

How do you save the current state of your code into the git version control?

By committing the staged changes with git commit
By adding all changes and staging them with git stage
By adding all changes and staging them with git add
By creating a new commit with git init

What's a shortcut to staging all the changes you have?

git commit add .
git commit .
git add .
git push -am "Message"

How do you supply a commit message to a commit?

git message "I'm coding"
git add "I'm coding"
git commit "I'm coding"
git commit -m "I'm coding"

What is the correct commit syntax for all changes with a message?

git message -am "I'm coding"
git add -a "I'm coding"
git commit -a "I'm coding"
git commit -am "I'm coding"

How do you submit a solution to Learn? (select all that apply)

git submit
git pull-request
By creating a Pull Request through the GitHub interface
learn submit
git commit -am "Done with Lab"

What comes first, staging with git add . or committing with git commit?

Staging your commits with git add
Committing with git commit

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