First Mile Your Support Team

Cohort Lead - your instructor, who you will meet with for technical support. Cohort Leads provide support and mentorship throughout the entire program through 1:1 sessions up to once per week as well as occasional live lectures.

Technical Coaches (“TCs”) - are a team of Flatiron graduates who help students to get unstuck, namely through helping with debugging via real-time support. They provide guidance over chat in our Ask A Question feature, as well as screen sharing, when helpful. During your interactions with Technical Coaches, they may ask questions to help you think and talk through your code until you have that aha moment. Their function is not to provide answers - but rather, to help you discover the answer through a two-sided interaction.

Educational Coaches - are your go-to, non-technical support. Flatiron School offers the opportunity to partner with an Educational Coach to check-in and help you stay accountable to your goals, anchor to your motivation in learning to code, and make steady forward progress at a pace that is right for you. Educational Coaches act as community leads for the cohort and partner with students to offer occasional 1:1 check-ins from the start of the program until they become eligible for Career Coaching towards the end of the program.

Career Coaches - are waiting for you toward the end of your educational journey to provide individualized support for all things job related. You can learn more about the type of support Career Coaches provide in the Career Services section.

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With a new take on education that falls somewhere between self-taught prodigy and four-year computer science degree, the Flatiron School promises to turn students with little programming experience into developers.

In the six months since the Manhattan coding school was acquired by WeWork, it has spawned locations in Washington, D.C., Brooklyn, and London. Now, WeWork is opening a fourth Flatiron School location, this time in Houston.

Adam Enbar, Flatiron School's cofounder, believes now is the time to grow. "How the world is changing has impacted working and learning in very similar ways. We think education fundamentally is about one thing: enabling people to pursue a better life."

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