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When you join Flatiron School, you join a community. You’ll have the opportunity to work with others and join a rich group of alumni and other developers within the programming community. Below are some details about different ways to access and get involved in our community.

Community Slack Channels

Slack is the primary mode of communication for our community, and your cohort Slack channel is your homeroom. Important information is posted regularly, so plan to check in daily.

Since students are members of a virtual classroom, our expectation is that each student adds a profile photo of themself and uses their name as Slack username so their classmates will know how to greet them.

You are invited to join affinity groups and other community-oriented Slack channels. Slack also serves as a tool to raise technical questions, and meet fellow classmates who are at a similar point in the program. Ask your Educational Coach or fellow students about specific Slack channels to join based on your geographic location, interests, and current progress in the curriculum.

How to set-up your Slack account

Flatiron Campuses

Online students who live in a city with a Flatiron School campus are welcome (and encouraged!) to attend community events on campus, or to drop by and work independently in the space. Check-in with the campus staff and let them know you’re a Flatiron School online student! If you’re curious whether there’s a campus in your city or where it is, check out, or e-mail

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With a new take on education that falls somewhere between self-taught prodigy and four-year computer science degree, the Flatiron School promises to turn students with little programming experience into developers.

In the six months since the Manhattan coding school was acquired by WeWork, it has spawned locations in Washington, D.C., Brooklyn, and London. Now, WeWork is opening a fourth Flatiron School location, this time in Houston.

Adam Enbar, Flatiron School's cofounder, believes now is the time to grow. "How the world is changing has impacted working and learning in very similar ways. We think education fundamentally is about one thing: enabling people to pursue a better life."

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