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It’s important that you take time to review the details and policies outlined in the Flatiron School Catalog, which can be viewed by clicking on “View the full United States catalog” here: A few important sections to review are:

Graduation Requirements: See the “Program Completion” section in the Flatiron School Catalog.

Student Conduct and Plagiarism Policy: See the “Student Conduct Policies” section in the Flatiron School Catalog for information about the Code of Conduct and Plagiarism Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress: See the “Satisfactory Academic Progress” section in the Flatiron School Catalog.

Program Changes: See the “Program Changes” section in the Flatiron School Catalog for information about student-initiated and program-initiated program changes

Leaves of Absence: See the “Leaves of Absence” section in the Flatiron School Catalog for information about pausing enrollment for a Leave of Absence.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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