First Mile Meet Career Services

The goal of Career Services is to help you get a job and start tech career that you’ll love. To do this, our Career Services team provides three main types of support:

Career Coaching

Every student will be matched with a dedicated Career Coach approximately 4 weeks before they graduate who will support them via one-on-one meetings each week, until they secure a job (or reach whatever other goal they may have after graduation).

You’ll work with your coach through a series of job search prep steps that ensure you are “job search ready” and eligible to declare a “job search start date,” (which kicks off 180 days of Career Services support, including weekly coaching sessions and potential for employer introductions). In essence, your Career Coach will help you to build strong job search skills, helping you: refine your personal marketing materials, build interview, networking and communication skills, manage stress, navigate obstacles, negotiate salaries, and create a job search strategy customized uniquely to you and your job search location and preferences.

Career Prep Curriculum

The Career Prep Track is a 250+ page curriculum that teaches students how to get a job from start to finish. The Career Prep track includes helpful information, resources, articles, templates, videos, and more to help you successfully navigate every step of the job search. Some of the many topics covered in the curriculum include: creating and managing an effective job search, building a technical resume, LinkedIn and online presence, GitHub, blogging, effective networking, cultural interviewing, technical interviewing, communicating with HR/recruiting professionals, managing job offers and salary negotiation, professional development, and more.

Networking with Companies

The Employer Partnerships (EP) team works with companies to identify their hiring needs, build partnerships, and connect companies with graduates. Our EP team is constantly building relationships with employers, and thus working hard to create opportunities for students to network. Our EP team serves as a supplement to the work you’ll do independently to drive your job search with your coach’s close guidance. The EP team regularly presents Flatiron School candidates to employers, and arranges interviews on their behalf.

If you’d like, you can check out our latest jobs report here, and more information may be found in the Career Services section of the Flatiron School Catalog, which can be viewed by clicking on “View the full United States catalog” here:

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