First Html Tag Lab

Problem Statement

We know what HTML tags look like. But how do they work in practice? Let's put one together and find out.


  1. Code an h1 tag in index.html
  2. Set the inner text of the h1 to Hello, World!

Code an h1 Tag

Open index.html in your text editor. Add the h1 opening and closing tags.

Set the Inner Text

Inside of the opening and closing h tags, insert the text: Hello, World!.

You can run the tests with this lab via learn. Make sure you save the file before running the test suite. Failing tests will provide helpful error messages that you can use to debug your code — read them closely for hints!

Viewing Your Work in the Browser

While working through these assignments, your general workflow should center on writing code in the text editor and periodically running the test suite in the terminal to check your work.

Another great way to track your progress is to open up the HTML document in your browser and watch how each change you make in the text editor affects the visual layout in the browser. For reference, here's a guide to viewing HTML pages in the Learn IDE.

Once you have the HTML document open in your browser, you can make changes to it in the text editor, save the file, refresh the page in the browser, and see the changes instantly.



Congratulations! You wrote your first HTML tag. Now you can use your knowledge of this basic building block to learn more HTML tags and see how they work with each other to create an entire HTML document structure.

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