Careers Building Your Resume

Your resume is the main way of catching the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager. It is the vehicle that you use to tell your story and to outline your strengths that enable you to contribute to the success of the company. A resume highlights your skills, achievements and experience. Think of it as your proxy, as well as a critical component in crafting your personal brand. What do you want this piece of paper to say about you when you can’t be there to say it yourself?

By keeping your resume concise, it gives a preview of what you can do without giving your full story away. You want to highlight just enough to entice your potential employer to call you for more information.

Getting Started on Your New Resume

Resume Template

Below are templates to get you started:

Software Engineering

Data Science

  • Click on the respective link above based on your Flatiron program of study :)

  • Make a copy of the doc; and share your Career Coach on it, giving them edit access.

  • We have two upcoming lessons that will address how to build the two primary portions of your resume -- your technical projects and work/education experience. READ THESE LESSONS BEFORE STARTING TO FILL IN YOUR OWN DATA.

  • Once all of your data is filled in (and you and your coach have reviewed it multiple times), upload it to your Learn profile. The url will be

  • Directions for uploading your resume:

    • Download a PDF of the Google doc of your completed resume
    • On your Learn profile page, click "edit profile"
    • Scroll down in the pop up box and click "upload resume"
    • Upload your PDF and save!

NOTE: If you do not use the template linked above, please make sure the format of the resume follows the instructions below:

  • Keep resume to 1 page

  • Use legible font size (10 to 12 font)

  • Watch your margin size (between .5-1 inch)

  • Use Italics, CAPITALS, Bold, and Border lines for emphasis

  • Be consistent in layout and content

  • Use short phrases and sentences with bullet points

Key Things to Keep in Mind

Email addresses: should be or @customdomain; no AOL, Hotmail or Yahoo email accounts because employers may view users with those accounts as out-of-touch or not tech savvy.

Providing your full address is no longer necessary in a resume. Recruiters still expect to see city, state and zip-code, especially if they are taking into account commute time when considering a candidate. If you’re planning to relocate there are two ways to address this in your resume. They are as follows:

  • Include the cities or states you’re willing to relocate to, or merely write “willing to relocate”

  • If you have a place secured and are absolutely certain about moving, you can include your new City/State/Zip.

Especially if, for example, you’re living in Chicago and thinking of relocating to San Diego, it’s best not to tip off a recruiter that you aren’t local by including your Chicago address. Your phone number and email are the primary ways employers are going to contact you.

Next Steps

Read the upcoming lessons on the Technical and Work Experience sections of your resume so you can prepare to write your resume draft.

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