• Bonus Setup Readme


There are a bunch of tools that we find invaluable as a developer.

Protect your Eyes!

We love f.lux! f.lux adjusts your screen's brightness depending on the lighting and the time of day / sun level in the sky, for ease on your eyes and to help you sleep. Play around with the settings. It's subtle, but makes a huge difference, especially if you're working late on your computer.

A Launcher

You should have a quick launcher so that you can run applications and arbitrary commands through a keyboard shortcut.

Alfred 2 - This is my favorite, but it costs money to unlock the very required power features. But I use this around 92 times a day. Plus it comes with a clipboard history. There are lots of power user guides for all this software.

Quicksilver - tried and true and free and awesome. but so old.

Launchbar - People love it, I've never used it, and I think it costs money.

There are lots of power user guides for all this software.

Clipboard History

If you do not have a clipboard history enabled...well, I mean, that's just crazy. The one in Alfred is awesome. Others include:

Collective - Looks awesome, super cheap ($2), have never used it.

Jumpcut - Free but old.

ClipMenu - Free.


Dash - A comprehensive documentation browser. It's awesome, will save you hours in googling. Costs money, but worth it.

DevDocs - A free Dash alternative

Git Visualizers

Github OS X - Worth having, but honestly, I've never used it.

SourceTree - Super heavy git gui that's free and pretty good.

GitX (L) - A well maintained fork of GitX

Window Management

Spectacle - Free and open source Breeze - My favorite.

Programming Fonts

You're going to be spending a ton of time staring at your screen. The default fonts you have installed probably aren't the most readable. Here are some nice ones you may want to consider installing:

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