Basic Sinatra Forms Lab


In this lab, you'll practice building forms in Sinatra by creating a basketball team sign-up sheet. Your application will have a basic HTML form, and will display the data from the form after it has been submitted by the user.


  1. Run bundle install

  2. Run shotgun

  3. Make a form

Create a route that responds to a GET request at /newteam. Add a form to the newteam.erb template and render it in the GET /newteam route.

The form should have fields for: Team name ('name') Coach ('coach') Point Guard ('pg') Shooting Guard ('sg') Power Forward ('pf') Small Forward ('sf') Center ('c')

It should look something like this:

form for basketball team

When creating your form, your "Submit" button will need to be identified by an id attribute with value of "Submit". We're telling this to you now because our test frame work, Capybara, requires buttons to be findable by an id, title, or value attribute.

  1. Handle form submission

Create a route that responds to a POST request at /team Have the form send a POST request to this route. Upon submission, pass the submitted data to the team.erb template.

  1. Final Output

Update the team.erb template so when you post to this form, it displays the name of the team and each member of the team.

Your view should display something like this:

completed form

  1. Deliverables

Pass the tests! Make sure you read the test output carefully!


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