Intro to JavaScript

Master the foundations of modern web development with our free JavaScript tutorials and lessons.

Totally free (we mean it)

This full 50-hour JavaScript course is entirely free. And there’s no catch. No credit card is required. Access a thorough JavaScript curriculum on your schedule and free of charge.

Accessible support

Our Technical Coaches are ready to help you in a bind. They’ll help you understand any part of the course that you might not immediately grasp to ensure that, once you’re done, you have a true understanding of JavaScript’s most important aspects.

Explore your future in tech

This course and all of its real-use tools give you a great understanding of whether or not a career in JavaScript is a right fit for you.

Rapid yet rigorous

Get real hands-on experience with the programming fundamentals you’ll need to attend a top coding bootcamp and start a tech career.

Start your journey in modern web development
JavaScript awaits.
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