Free Coding Bootcamp Prep

Learn JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, and CSS over the course of 75 hours with our entirely free program. Coding Bootcamp Prep drops you into the life of a coder and is one of the most effective ways to prepare yourself for a full-time coding bootcamp.

100% free (we mean it)

Our full 75-hour coding bootcamp prep course is, without a catch, entirely free. There is no credit card required, no expiration date, and no trial period. Learn and create at your pace, on your schedule.

Get support when you need it

Our team of Technical Coaches is ready to help when you need it — they’ll help broaden your understanding by walking you through a solution, not just giving you the answer.

Discover if tech is for you

This is the best and most accessible way to explore Flatiron School’s unparalleled curriculum and culture firsthand. It’s also the best way to explore if a career in code is right for you.

Prepare for top bootcamps

This course is the most efficient way to get real experience with the programming fundamentals and interview tactics you’ll need to get into top coding bootcamps — including Flatiron School’s.

Learn to think like a software engineer

In our experience, the best way to learn is by doing, not just by listening. Immerse yourself in the fundamentals of software’s most important programming languages. Complete projects that will bolster your coding portfolio and help you begin your career as a software engineer. Learn using real-time collaborative tools, connect with fellow students and instructors, and get support in real time from our coaches. This mix of modern curriculum and learning tools is the best way to understand programming and what goes into it.

Free Coding Bootcamp Prep Curriculum

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